Tuesday Tunes...

Me and my hubby (aka the former DMB groupie)

This week, we have a bit of (somewhat) classic Dave Matthews Band.  My cute hubby prides himself on owning bootlegs of the band way back in the day (circa 1993-94), before they had hit the local Tower Records (R.I.P., Tower!).  He got my hooked on the band when we were in college and used to send me mix tapes (YES, TAPES - HA!) that included tons of rare versions of their songs.  Amazingly, DMB is one of those bands that has managed to stay current after all these years, and I especially love that fact because it makes me forget that I am driving my kids around in a minivan while rocking out to them.

Naturally, the girls listen to Dave.  Unlike Jimmy Buffett (see last week's Tuesday Tunes...), they don't necessarily have their favorite songs, but they don't scream at me to turn it off, so I'll take that as a big thumbs-up of approval.  M, in particular, is known for telling me, "No, no, no, Mommy. Change song," when she isn't a fan, so I'll take the lack of raptor-like screeching as a positive sign!  

The song that's playing right now is "Stay (Wasting Time)," by DMB.  It's a personal favorite because it has followed me since my college days and hasn't gotten old yet.  I love how it reminds me not only of my husband, but also to enjoy the moment, rather than moving on to the next at lightning speed.  Sometimes we all forget to do that...

My favorite part of the song comes towards the end.  It says:

"Wasting time...
I shall miss this thing when it all rolls by.  
What a day... 
I wanna stay, stay, stay, stay, stay for awhile..."

So simple, and kind of cheesy, but a favorite, nonetheless!  Happy Tuesday, readers!

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