The Divine Miss M...

Miss Magoo

...Otherwise known as my other wacky sidekick.  M is our younger daughter.  She is every bit the two-year-old - curious, active, spunky, stubborn.  We love all of it - even the parts that, at times, make me want to pull my hair out!  M adores her big sister C, and the feeling is very mutual.  Both girls are finally at ages where they can appreciate each other as play mates.  Kids this age, and those with SPD in particular, sometimes have a hard time learning those all-important "playground rules," like sharing, taking turns, and using kind words.  It's great that they have each other - there are naturally built-in opportunities for both girls to get more practice with their social skills!

The girlies, kidding around before rainbow fruit for St. Patrick's Day - 2011


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