She starts Kindergarten tomorrow...

Some other firsts... bath, pushing up, and smiling.  It seems like just yesterday!

...and I am anxious.  Excited, but anxious.  Amazed, but anxious.  And really, just anxious.  But she is just excited, and so I need to take her lead and put on a brave face because that's what Mommies do.  Wish both of us luck (I think I need it more than her)...


  1. Good luck sista-friend. She is going to knock their socks off.

  2. Caroline, like the other members of your clan I know and love, has always impressed me with her strength of character, kindness, intelligence and humor. I have no doubt that she is prepare to weather any challenges that may arise...especially with such loving support.

  3. Thanks for the votes of confidence! Two days in, and she is still loving it - a very good sign, right?! I know we will have our ups and downs this years, but she's definitely off on the right foot... :)