What We're Working On: Tackling the Swingset

Wow - time flies!  It's been a few very full weeks since I've written - we've wrapped up preschool for C, been to my parents' house on the Bay for Memorial Day, and are finally settling into a bit of a relaxed Summer routine.  The girls are loving sleeping until they feel like getting up (my husband and I are loving that, too!) and days filled with playing with friends, hitting the pool, and getting outside as much as possible.

We're taking all that being outside has to offer as an opportunity to work on some of the play skills that many kids take for granted.  Our own back yard is the perfect little sensory gym!  One of the things that is a little tricky for C is swinging on the swing set by herself.  She loves to swing, but it's hard for her to figure out what to do with her legs and the rest of her body in order to get going and stay moving.  The rhythm of "Push off the ground with my legs, extend them upwards while swinging up, then bend and pump them back underneath while swinging back, all-the-while stablizing my core so that I don't fall backward or forward, and repeat..." takes coordination that she doesn't always have quite yet, but she's definitely trying!

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